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  1. Bilstein front shock for 64-66 Mustang - Street valving
  2. Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang - Street valving
  3. Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang - Sport valving
  4. Bilstein front shock for 64-66 Mustang - Sport valving
  5. Bilstein front shock for 71-73 Mustang - Street valving

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  Street or Track LLC :: Suspension :: Front Suspension :: Shock Absorbers :: Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang - Sport valving

Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang - Sport valving
Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang - Sport valving 

Of all a vehicle's suspension components, nothing works harder than the shock absorbers, making it critical to pick the right one. Bilstein Shock Absorbers are the least expensive, fastest way, to dramatically improve the ride, handling and control of a vehicle.

Digressive Working Piston Assembly

The piston head design allows independent tuning of the compression and rebound damping forces to provide optimum ride comfort and performance without compromise. It features fewer parts than most conventional twin tube and so call "adjustable" shock designs. This simple, yet exceptional functional digressive design contributes to the extreme durability and long life of Bilstein Shock Absorbers.


The photo below dramatically illustrates the size difference between the working piston inside a Bilstein monotube shock and one found in a typical "twin tube" shock.

Mono Tube versus Twin Tube

Click HERE for more information

The Bilstein has a 228% larger surface than the average conventional twin tube piston offering greater sensitivity and superior vehicle control.


  • Vintage Mustang specific custom tuned Sport valving is ideal for 500-700lb spring rates. Recommended for corner carving street or open track vehicles.
  • The Ultimate in Comfort & Control.
  • Direct Bolt-In.
  • Works on lowered applications.
  • Mono Tube Design, means a much larger working piston diameter.
  • Seamless Tube by a special extrusion method.
  • Deflective Disc Valving.
  • Split compression and rebound valving, to soften the ride and control the bounce.
  • Hard Chromed Piston Rod
  • No springs or check valves to wear out
  • Mono Tube Design allows the excessive heat from the oil to dissipate more quickly.
  • Separated dividing piston holds pressure on the oil to prevent aeration (foaming) that leads to performance loss.
  • The last shock, you will ever have to buy.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Sold each.


Part Number: RCD-55-R183
Price: $179.00


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Customer Reviews

Author: Neal Watts
I have these on my 68 Mustang. They replaced a 3 year old set of KYB-GR2's. The Bilsteins have a larger shaft, a much larger body. The Bilsteins are a much better shock. The Sport valving is a perfect match for my 600 lbs front springs. The ride on the street is not harsh or rough at all. Very smooth ride. I haven't had a chance to take them on the track, but based off how they behave on the street it should be a good match.

Author: Mark Williams
Today I installed the Bilstein sport shocks that I bought from Street or Track .

All I can say is where have these shocks been all my life. I drove my car on Sunday and thought how much I hated the way it rode and handled. These shocks changed the car completely. The ride is still firm but it is not bone jarring and the car handles better. I could not be happier.

This is one of the best mods I have made to my car.



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