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  Street or Track LLC :: Street or Track Products :: Street or Track Aluminum Master Cylinder Conversion Kit

Street or Track Aluminum Master Cylinder Conversion Kit
Street or Track Aluminum Master Cylinder Conversion Kit 

Aluminum bodied brake master cylinder with see through reservoir eliminates having to remove the cap (and introduce air and contaminants) to check fluid level.

Unit weighs under 2lbs compared with 6+lbs for the stock cast iron piece!

Choose from 15/16ths, 1" or 1-1/16ths bores.

Kit includes:

  • Aluminum master cylinder with see through reservoir.
  • 2 x 15" lengths of 3/16ths hard line with correct fittings to plumb the master cylinder.  All you need to do is bend lines to desired location and flare 1 end of each tube (the other end ships flared to fit the master).
  • Bench bleeding kit complete with instructions.
  • Master cylinder installation instructions & plumbing guide.


  • 1965-73 Mustangs and other Fords with the same bolt spacing (no modification to stock firewall needed). Body measures 7-11/16ths long.

Part Number: ST-MC
Price: $129.00


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Customer Reviews

Author: Mark Sellers (silverbluestang66@yahoo.com)
I have a 1966 Mustang that spends most of its time open tracking. I just replaced my old MC with this new 1" bore.
I have 12" discs up front and the stock 10" x 2" drums at the rear, this new MC works GREAT!! I have more adjustability due to the piston activating the brakes at the start of the stroke. Combined with my adjustable rod, I can fine tune the height of the brake pedal to the height of the gas pedal. Makes heel & toe downshifts much easier.

Great product!!



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